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P2A Virtual Journey On-Campus | BINUS University Indonesia

Start Date: 2020-06-15 00:00 - End Date: 2020-06-26 00:00

Close date for registration: 2020-06-08 00:00

Location: Virtual

P2A Virtual Journey 15-26 June 2020, total 5 hours 
“Ecotourism and Sustainable Development” 
Program Schedule 
What to Prepare 
Strong Commitment Participation in all sessions is mandatory. Please pay full attention to the schedule, program activity, and the group dynamic. 
Strong Functional Learning Space It is critical to have a designated and private space to participate in all virtual sessions. Make sure that any possible distraction is minimized. Prepare your device at least 10 minutes before any session starts to make sure it can run well. 
Strong Internet Connection Due to the nature of the virtual sessions, access to strong internet connection is necessary. Installing the recommended online communication platform on your laptop and smartphone is needed. 
Strong Engagement As you are here to learn and exchange knowledge, you are expected to be proactive and engage in any discussion.