PASSAGE TO ASEAN association


5th P2A Member Meeting, Jakarta, Indonesia

Start Date: 2016-02-23 14:39 - End Date: 2016-02-25 14:39

Close date for registration: 2016-02-21 14:39

Location: BINUS UNIVERSITY, Jakarta, Indonesia.

The 5th P2A Member Meeting will be hosted by Binus University on February 23-25, with the theme: Empowering Students to Take Leadership in ASEAN.
This  meeting  will  discuss achievements, and resolve current and future developments of Passage to ASEAN. The meeting will provide  the opportunity for Institutions to  network with other representatives from throughout ASEAN, and for  the  first  time  will  include  a  Seminar  and  Debate  on  ASEAN mobility, as well as a parallel Student Journey Program.
This meeting invites Faculty and Staff, of all management levels, as well as new and prospective P2A Members who are interested to join  the  network. During this meeting, participants are encouraged to discuss, contribute and conclude advancements in P2A programs and policy. The objectives for Faculty and Staff joining this meeting are:
  1. Follow  up  on  action  plans  and  subcommittee  developments  of  the  4th  P2A  Member Meeting as well as discuss Member activities for 2016;
  2. Explain advancements, to the P2A Charter and Framework;
  3. Provide insights and development for representatives about ASEAN Mobility;
  4. Expand the involvement and connection between the Indonesia Chapter and P2A.
The objectives for Students who are joining this meeting are:
  1. To gain knowledge, understanding and respect for the Indonesia culture and society.
  2. To gain leadership experience and learn more about the Student Council.