PASSAGE TO ASEAN association


Official launch of the Passage to ASEAN (P2A) Association and the 6th annual meeting of P2A Network

23/02/2017, Bangkok, Thailand. The formal launching ceremony of Passage to ASEAN Association took place at the University of Rangsit. This important event was included under the sixth annual meeting of P2A.​
The P2A association was initiated by the University of Rangsit (Thailand) in June 2012, with the co-founding of Norton University (Cambodia), Duy Tan University (Vietnam), National University of Laos, and the Computer Institute of Myanmar. Immediately after its inception, P2A has become a bridge to the network of universities and research institutes in the region, helping to develop high-quality human resources, creating a cost-effective educational exchange program for students and support them to find job opportunities in countries in the ASEAN region. Participating in P2A, students from Southeast Asian countries will experience the best teaching and learning conditions while being equipped with the skills of environmental protection; heritage preservation; respect for independence – sovereignty; preservation of national identity, language, religion, law as well as common values in the spirit of unity in the diversity of colors of ASEAN countries. In order to help students get to know, experience and explore ASEAN, P2A has implemented a lot of activities, such as ASEAN Tour, ASEAN Game and ASEAN Journey. In which, talent and intelligence of students from different countries will be tested through the games running on IOS, Android mobile devices or they will “get lost” in the 3D virtual world with lots of surprising and interesting discoveries supported by Duy Tan University in design and creation.

The formal launching ceremony of the Passage to ASEAN association was solemnly presented at the Great Hall of the University of Rangsit, Thailand. Speaking at the ceremony, Doctor. Arthit Ourairat, the president of Rangsit University, appreciated the efforts of P2A association in the past and hoped that in the coming time P2A would continue to develop as well as create a network linking universities and colleges in the ASEAN region together strongly in order to provide a meaningful exchange environment about culture and study. At the end of the ceremony, the song ‘Let Us Move Ahead’ resounded as a push for the development of a stronger ASEAN community.
Father of P2A, Dr Arthit Ourairat, RSU President and Distinguished Teacher, Le Cong Co, DTU President ring the gong to inaugurate the 6th P2A Member Meeting.
At the sixth annual meeting, delegates from more than 30 universities from ASEAN countries continued to focus on discussing student exchange programs and prospects for national co-operation. The highlight of this conference is that apart from traditional activities such as ASEAN Journey and ASEAN Tour, students will likely stand a good chance to experience the Service Learning program, start-up programs and activities, internship and exchange programs for students and lecturers in the field of study and research. The P2A meeting was a great success, opening up new paths for the development of the P2A Association.