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R&D Congress on sustainable urbanization in the course of ASEAN economic integration

Within the celebration of the ASEAN’s 50th Founding Anniversary, the “R&D Congress on sustainable urbanization in the course of ASEAN economic integration” took place in Manila, the Philippines from June 26 – 30, 2017. The Congress has attracted roughly 100 delegates including government managers, planners and researchers from all member of ASEAN and other countries such as the Netherlands, Australia, Bangladesh, China, India, England. The representative of Duy Tan University, MSc. Tran Hoai Nam was invited to attend and present the paper at the conference.

During the Congress, the participants had discussed the issues related to sustainable urban development. This is an opportunity for ASEAN’s countries to unite and develop strategies to meet the goal of sustainable urbanization in the course of the ASEAN economic integration. Specifically, they aim to:
-    Exchange information and experiences on developing sustainable urbanization;
-    Identify and integrate strategies on dynamic ASEAN economic integration vis-à- vis sustainable urbanization;
-    Review existing ASEAN countries policies for sustainable urbanization and economic integration with regard to its environmental protection and economic growth;
-    Enhance partnership and joint research and development endeavors among the ASEAN members-states and the dialogue and development partners in the area of sustainable urbanization amidst economic integration; and
-    Come up with collective future R and D plans addressing sustainable urbanization while working to achieve the robust ASEAN economic community.
After the Congress had ended, the representatives of all participating countries signed the resolution of sustainable urbanization development for submitting to the ASEAN Council.


Established R and D practictioners from the ASEAN countries of Indonesia, Lao PDR, Malaysia, Philippines,
Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam convened to talk about
sustainableurbanization in the ASEAN region.


Key personalities from the R and Congress on Sustainable Urbanization in the course of Economic Integration.
From left to right: Ms.Sunwoo Bae (UNITAR/CIFALJEJU), Arch. Felino A. Palafox, Jr. (
Dr. Henry A. Adornado (ERDB Director), Sec. Roy A. Cimatu (DENR Secretary), Dr. Bharat Dahiya (Chulalong University),
Atty. Roberto V. Oliva (Asean Center for Biodiversity) and Dr. Simplicia A. Pasicolam (Overall Coordinator).


Delegates from Vietnam.


Opening of exhibit led by DENR Sec. Roy A. Cimatu and Ms. Sunwoo Bae of UNITAR/CIFALJEJU.


 Photo op with the oral presenters of the R and D Congress. Topics of presentation include: 1. ASEAN Economic
Community and Urban Metabolism for Inclusive Growth; 2. Environment ProtectionAdmidst Industrialization for
Sustainable Cities; 3. Human Settlement and RapidUrbanization is ASEAN Megacities; 4. Impacts of

Flow of Goods and Services.