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Students gain experience from P2A International Internship program

Internship abroad is considered as one of the opportunities for students to interact with the international environment, their differences in language, culture and lifestyles make it easier for them to adapt to the global integration process. Recognizing this, P2A member schools regularly offer internships for international students. One of them is the internship program of IBI Darmajaya Indonesia, which was held for the third time from 23 October to 19 November 2017 with the participation of five students from Vietnam, Cambodia and India.
During the internship in Indonesia, five students were assigned with activities relevant to their majors under the guidance of IBI Damajaya staff. This is a great opportunity for them to experience professional working environment, improve their self-discipline as well as responsibility for work. In addition, the trainees also visited the students of the high schools here to introduce the culture, language, and people of their own country, visit the traditional villages, and organize extra-curricular activities. The weekends were an opportunity for them to explore Indonesia, such as snorkeling at Pahawang Island, visiting elephant school- where elephants live and learn, or joining fun programsbetween foreign students and local people.  Participating in such international programs, they not only have the opportunity to interact with culture, people in ‘the country of islands’ but also know more about each trainee's hometown.  It seems that a flight only can help them to learn about many nations. Besides, the differences in language and working style helped them learn how to make themselves adaptitive and suitable for a fast-changing workplace nowadays.
Multinational environment at IBI Darmajaya
(From left: Kenya, Vietnam, Indonesia, Vietnam, Cambodia, India)
The first days in a completely new country are probably the most difficult period. Dissimilarity about language, culture and the sense of homesickness seem to push back the will of all students. But with the kindness of the Indonesian people, especially the students and IBI Damajaya's staff, the trainees have overcome this difficult challenge. They joined the Bahasa Indonesia language class, then could introduce themselves and communicate with the local people. Conversations at the Study Club gave everyone a good chance to share their stories, and learn great lessons from others’ stories. ‘No road is full of roses’. In order to adapt well to the working environment in Indonesia, they need to have good communication skills to share their thoughts and ideas with colleagues, Kim Ngoc - Duy Tan University student, one of the five trainees, shared: "The most necessary thing for you to adapt to every work environment is an open mind and willingness to learn new things. You can not learn and work well if you keep a conservative prejudice. "
Kim Ngoc students - Duy Tan University (bottom, right corner), participated in extracurricular activities with students IBI Darmajaya.
After nearly a month of the program, the students have learned a lot for themselves. All the experiences helped students become more self-reliant, improve their confidence and English skills - a very important factor in the integration period. This trip is a milestone in trainees’ life, it is sure that they will never forget it.
Someone once said, "Life starts when we step out of our comfort zone." Members of the P2A Association always try to create assistance to help students get out of that zone and widen their vision. Multinational internship is an opportunity for them to learn, to see the problem from a new angle, in a new space, a new culture.