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Located in the heart of sunny Danang – the most livable place in Vietnam. Duy Tan University is the
􀏐irst and the largest private, multidisciplinary and diversi􀏐ied institution in Central Vietnam, with
over 20,000 Students. Twenty-one years of development and devotion have built a foundation to
steadily enhance DTU’s reputation of combining knowledge and cooperation, resulting in an
increasing number of new opportunities for its students. The early ambitions of its founders combined
with dedication and hard work of all now guarantee a bright future for DTU.

What to expected in Danang?
As one of the developing cities, Danang is a bridge of economic, cultural, political and social in
the Central of Vietnam. Danang - the city by Han River, remarked by many as an attractive,
dynamic, clean, safe are advancing forward. When the city light is on, the beauty and breath of
Danang offer you great of tranquility and that the time for you to seek the peace of mind dinning
out in restaurants; shopping and entertaining yourselves in supermarket, nightclub and simply
walking out on the beautitul streets to enjoy Danang by night.

Contact Information:
Mr. Phuoc Nguyen
Phone: (+84) 511 3827111 (Ext. 701)
Mobile: (+84) 935 292 284